The Edge of War

I found this in my drafts, apparently I was feeling a bit maudlin while in Afghanistan deep in my pogness. It’s not awful, if not a bit over the top, so I figured I’d post it. We find ourselves on the edge of war.     An odd thing to say about a combat tour I know, but one that anyone here who is being honest with themselves will know to be true. In the distance we hear the firing of artillery, the clap of small arms fire, and yes the occasional impact of inbound indirect fire. But to say … Continue reading The Edge of War

Life after NaNoWriMo

Editing.No word is more foul, more frightening, and at the same time more crucial to a budding novelist (or at least to me, and I’m obviously the only one who matters here). That was a joke people, don’t get in a huff. Anyway, my latest attempt at a novel sits before me in it’s raw first draft form, and begs that I fix it. The rewrites will be many and the grammar checks will make me wonder if I ever went to school at all, but I will endure. Someday, hopefully sooner then later this raw product will be a … Continue reading Life after NaNoWriMo

So, I may have lied.

Alright! I again was a bit remiss in posting here, but you know what? Yeah no I don’t have much of an excuse so sue me. Wait, that’s not true. I do have an excuse, I was doing NanoWriMo! And I succeeded for the first time, sure I’ve only tried twice, but hey I’m pretty happy with it. That being said I really do plan to write more here, on various things. Writing in general for instance, maybe tiny excerpts of my work. The Bloggers of History should become a staple, I enjoy writing those posts and the four of … Continue reading So, I may have lied.

A Mercy

    An excerpt from something I’ve been working on for a while. The stairway was dimly lit, the faint light of several torches flickered along the alabaster walls, a dance of lights and long shadows. Just as the rest of the city this internal stairwell, made from the same stone of the outer walls showed no signs of age, or wear, as if the stairs had been cut that very morning. Some found this place to wondrous, a blessing from the Overseers to the Halmorian Empire, for their great faith and dedication. Farin was not one of these men. … Continue reading A Mercy

The Boots We Earned

Put me on a silver jet, now that’s a ride I won’t forget. The first two lines of a fairly popular cadence, while I suppose it’s mostly true, some of the details were a bit off. The anxiety, and excitement of what was coming certainly kept me awake, and I do remember most of the flight, my plane was white. You can’t really blame the cadence, it didn’t know that times had changed, and besides, white isn’t enough syllables to keep marching time. The flight from New York to St. Louis, was a long one, but the ride didn’t end … Continue reading The Boots We Earned