Bloggers of “History”: Perseus


This has all gotten a bit out of hand.

I mean really, sure my offer was a bit of a boast ‘Ask for any gift’ I said, boy was that a mistake. I had expected something lavish to be sure, perhaps even something difficult to obtain…but the head of Medusa? Really? Dick move man.

 I feel sort of terrible about mocking those poor women, and taking their eyeball, but I needed to find that bloody nymph after all now didn’t I? Don’t look at me like that, it had to be done this here, er…knapsack is very important you see! Alright, so it seems a bit silly considering that the gods gave me the rest of this cool stuff.

 I really have to remember to thank Zues for this sword, it’s pretty awesome, and Hermes lent me his boots! I can fricken’ fly! Sure…Athena sort of shorted me a little with this shiny shield but hey what can you do?

 Gods this island is fit for Hades I swear, what sort of creature would stay here? Well, I guess reaestate isn’t much of an issue when you have snakes for hair and turn any onlookers into stone, but that’s what you get for sleeping with gods, in another goddess’ temple. She’s just lucky it was Athena and not Hera, that bitch can be down right vindictive.

 Huh. This shield is actually really nice now that I look at it. I mean I can see “myself” in it, and that certainly makes it worth while. Look at me, I’m quite the handsome devil indeed. Hey, what’s that rustling?

 Oh look! Medusa’s dead already, sweet. I just cut her head off and…where to put it?

 Ah-hah! That nymph wasn’t useless after all.


 Note to self, when presenting Gorgan heads as gifts, don’t show them face first first…well Mother can marry that guys brother, he was bit of a dick anyway.




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