Life after NaNoWriMo

No word is more foul, more frightening, and at the same time more crucial to a budding novelist (or at least to me, and I’m obviously the only one who matters here). That was a joke people, don’t get in a huff. Anyway, my latest attempt at a novel sits before me in it’s raw first draft form, and begs that I fix it. The rewrites will be many and the grammar checks will make me wonder if I ever went to school at all, but I will endure. Someday, hopefully sooner then later this raw product will be a little less so, and maybe, just maybe worthy of being sold. In the mean time I have a new writing goal, outside of the madness that is NaNoWriMo. Inspired by a recent interview on the Sword and Laser podcast (no that is not a sponsor plug, I have no sponsors…I mean I have like ten readers let’s be serious here) I will attempt to write a thousand words a day. It does not seem so much, but I can see days in my future with blinking cursors, and ripped out hair. To those that would wish me luck, to those that wouldn’t…well it’s not polite to post such things in a public forum.


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