Bloggers of “History” Icarus


Father thinks he’s so smart.

So what if you built a labyrinth? Way to go dad, you made a maze! Every six year old can make a maze, I mean really. Sure it’s a complicated maze and you put a half-man half-bull monstrosity in the middle, but it’s still just a maze. Now, here you are with what might be the most awesome thing anyone has ever made…and you want me to just follow you around in the air? Hah! Silly old man. We can fly like gods and your advice is to stay near land and “Not go to high.” No ambition I say! No daring, not a brave bone in your body.

Well to Hades with you I say! I’m going to soar higher then Olympus, and laugh at Poseidon as I pass over his realm, immune to his wrath! I’ll pluck the very reigns of the Sun from Apollo!

I’ll…hey why is the water so close? Erm…Father? Damn you father! Why didn’t you war—


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