Blogs of “History” : Longinus


I cannot believe that centurion! Did I stab him proper? Well of course I stabbed him proper, not much to stabbing a fellow on a cross with a spear is there? Not like he can wiggle out of the way can he? Damned well not my fault that his body disappeared, what does he think? I stabbed him in the “Makes him go to sleep for a week” spot on the ribs? And what do I know about reports of his people seeing him walk about, bunch of nutty drunks those people are anyway. Always going on about water and wine and blood and such, I mean honestly this whole movement could get out of hand, seems like we could do something about it now, but does anyone listen to old Longinus? Course not, he can’t even stab a bloke proper. Well maybe if you gave us a proper spear! Instead of this floppy pilum, sure it’s great for throwing but not much for stabbing folks…obviously.

Who are they to stick me in this stupid cave, I mean really? Oh well…I think I heard something outside I’ll be righhhhhhhhhhjnkjnkjnknl


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