The Fall of Language

We’re all idiots. Harsh I know, but it’s a truth I have come to except. This post may sound familiar to those who are familiar with the show Californication, bare with me folks, because it’s something we all need to hear. My generation, and the one coming up right behind us stands on an odd precipice which has in some ways happened before. Our language is changing, and not in the slow creeping way that languages do, adapting new words over time, and transforming into local dialects. No, our language is rapidly degrading into a strange amalgamation of conjugations, and acronyms.

LOL, LMAO, BRB. All these and more have begun to creep into our speech, and writing, outside of their originally intended boundaries. Internet slang, and shortened vernacular have begun to leave the small screens of our text messages, and instant messaging windows, and have invaded our everyday speech. To many times have I caught myself almost uttering the letters, LOL, when the obvious response would be to actually laugh, as though a general expression of emotion, in front of another human being were not enough to express my amusement. For some odd reason I almost feel the need to explain my reaction in the form of three letters, a decidedly ridiculous and obscene notion.

Students in schools use these texting words in essays, and papers and wonder at the teachers physical face-palming that occurs afterward. I must wonder if this is how the Romans felt, as their outlying regions bastardized the unique and complex Latin, into various lesser forms of speech.

We’re all idiots.


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