An Introduction

As all things must have a beginning, so to must a blog I suppose, despite the fact that this one will not do what most introductions usually achieve. Where as the traditional introduction to say a scholarly, or even fictional work, or set of works will attempt to inform the reader what he or she is in for, this one will not go into specifics. The reasoning for this is simple, as the brief description of this page has already indicated, the content of this blog will be relatively random, and not being of prescient, nor prophetic powers, I simply don’t know exactly what you, the reader (if I have any) will be in for.

So, instead, this as I stated in the first line, is simply the beginning, the first post, not really of any significance, outside of the fact that it is the progenitor, the genesis of this blog. I hope those of you who in the future who may or may not like my writings don’t become to confused at the nature of this essentially useless waste of word space.



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